How does workforce transformation impact you and your employees?

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One in four CFOs say the cost of unwanted turnover accounts for 25% to 50% of labor costs. One in 10 say it eats up more than 50%.
Forbes Insights "The Value of Employee Engagement in the Era of Digital Disruption"

The rapid adoption of advanced technologies mean that many organizations are focused more than ever on recruiting—particularly for skills they need to succeed, such as expertise in data science, cyber-security and artificial intelligence. Evidence suggests that engaging employees and retaining them requires a purposeful, ongoing strategic view. Especially as workers must learn new skills and advance their careers while continuing to drive business outcomes like productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. CFO’s face a new reality:

  • The high costs and causes of unwanted turnover and effective methods of increasing retention
  • The correlation between turnover, onboarding and engagement
  • The secrets to low turnover, based on the characteristics of low and high-turnover firms
  • Bottom line: Engaged employees lead to happy customers

Retaining Talent at Every Level is Critical

Learn more in this podcast: Workforce 2030 – Episode #1: Disruption in the Changing Workforce.

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