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Tenneco Powers Up Recruiting for High-Efficiency and Significant Savings

Tenneco is a leading-edge technology company, but it used an outdated manual system for recruitment—requiring enormous expenditures of time and precious recruitment dollars. The company needed highly efficient recruitment software that would match its reputation for operational excellence and innovation.

Using SilkRoad Recruiting software’s disciplined process and sophisticated features, Tenneco shifted to a highly efficient recruitment mode, enabling the company to decrease spending and increase the quality of hire.


Tenneco is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers, and distributors of solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment markets and the aftermarket. Globally, the company has 89 manufacturing facilities and 14 engineering centers on six continents, and 100 countries that it services. The organization has 355 hiring managers and 47 HR managers— spread across a vast geography of different languages and cultures. Annually, Tenneco hires hundreds of employees to fill a wide variety of roles—from design, manufacturing and operations, to finance, administration and management.

Tenneco’s HR team faced a major recruitment challenge: The organization’s approach to hiring was “paper heavy” and inconsistent. Resumes were distributed via email, and candidates were tracked in Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, the organization relied heavily on third-party agencies to identify talent. This highly variable process caused miscommunications to occur and sometimes different Tenneco locations would compete with each other for the same candidates.

The HR team knew they needed a new enterprise recruiting system and, after evaluating three different software vendors, they chose SilkRoad.

Totaling Up The Savings With SilkRoad Recruiting Software

SilkRoad Recruiting software brought a more disciplined, transparent, and cost effective approach. After the first year of use, the HR team measured the achieved savings and found they realized a cost savings of $200,000. This number represented a “true spend,” indicating that they had significantly reduced advertising and outside agency costs.

Tenneco’s HR team can also show sustained positive change from SilkRoad Recruiting. Managers now report higher quality of new hires and best-fit candidates in post-hire survey. Naturally, this all translates to lower employee turnover, and ultimately cost savings for Tenneco.

“Tenneco’s rate of retaining employees is well above the industry average. We attribute this, in part, to the SilkRoad Recruiting software’s ability to help us target candidates that are a perfect match for our requisitions.”

Larger Talent Pool, More Precise Targeting of Candidates

SilkRoad Recruiting’s software gives Tenneco complete integration with job boards and social media. The company now has the capability to connect easily with job seekers through social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Glassdoor. Tenneco conducts a sponsored campaign with Indeed, the company’s top source of hire, which has particularly helped motivate hard-to-find technical candidates to apply.

“Social media is starting to pay off for us. SilkRoad’s partnerships with companies such as LinkedIn and Indeed have helped drive candidates to our Web site, without the intervention of third party agencies. That represents an enormous cost savings in precious recruitment dollars.”

Clear Line Of Sight Across A Complex Organization

SilkRoad easily adapts to Tenneco’s decentralized recruitment processes and accommodates regional variations. In North America, for example, the system is used for full-cycle recruiting—from the job requisition to final offer letter. Other international locations simply use the SilkRoad Recruiting software to attract candidates and track them through the process.

A system-wide database makes information about candidates readily available to HR and hiring managers. What’s more, Tenneco now has up-to-the-minute metrics for decision making and reliable data for reporting purposes.

Best of all, Tenneco’s recruitment process is now comprehensive and strategic, connected to business goals and better able to serve the growing organization.

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