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The Complete Employee Journey

Article by: Alexandra Levit

In the near-future business world, people will more frequently shift employment structures and roles and continuously gain additional skillsets, and the way we manage these transitions directly impacts our organizational productivity and success.

It is important to to create “moments that matter” at critical junctures in the employment lifecycle, including onboarding (the offer letter and first week), cross-boarding (the role, schedule or geography change and the return from time off) and offboarding (the transfer to alumni status).

Download this white paper to learn key insights, including:

  • Best practices and case studies to create ‘moments that matter’ at critical points in the employee lifecycle
  • As organizations become more fluid, cross-boarding will increase in prevalence
  • How technology can automate administrative tasks brought about by employee movement
  • Much more

Learn how to make the most out of every stage of the employee journey.

Complete Employee Journey

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