Receiving an offer letter

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One offer doesn’t fit all. Offers need to account for a lot of variables: job title, type, compensation, incentive plans, PTO and perks. Keeping track of those letters, changes, signatures and compliance aspects typically involves a lot of paperwork and time. SilkRoad Offers solves this challenge.

So your highly-sought and carefully-screened top candidate says yes to your opportunity. Is it time to celebrate? Well, there’s one more hurdle to jump before you seal the deal – the offer letter process – the one item that needs to extend a welcome but has to do so much more.

A good offer letter needs to outline the specifics of the job, role, reporting structure, location, salary and other specifics of an employment package or a class of benefits, and the unique terms negotiated between the hiring manager and a candidate. Managing the legal language for each individual offer letter and all of the variables and the potential for errors and inconsistencies quickly causes offer letter chaos and may cost you a candidate.

Now, SilkRoad strategic onboarding automates and streamlines the offer letter process with dynamic offer letter templates.

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