Migrating from WingSpan to SilkRoad Performance

SilkRoad Performance is a more comprehensive platform that accommodates multiple performance methodologies, including traditional performance goals and reviews. The solution optimizes performance with communication, collaboration and visibility into individual and business goals.


  • Upgraded end user and administrator experience
  • Optimize mobile responsive design for better accessibility
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing business needs
  • Improved data administration and governance
  • Enhanced visibility and insight into employee and manager performance


  • Improves employee engagement to drive increased retention and satisfaction
  • Engage employees on their device of choice to improve adoption and compliance
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing business needs
  • Advances compliance and privacy guidelines, granting restricted access
  • Deploys development resources to high risk areas

Historical reviews and goals can be easily migrated from WingSpan to SilkRoad Performance.

Migrating from Wingspan Brochure
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The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous and more development-oriented.
Performance Management’s Digital Shift, MITSloan Management Review 2019

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