Assessments and Surveys

Nobscot Corporation

Assessments & Surveys

SilkRoad Redcarpet Highlights

  • Automate your new hire orientation and employee transition processes
  • Go paperless using electronic forms capabilities
  • Create content specific to each individual by updating in real time as often as needed
  • Organize and manage all tasks with detailed dashboards to monitor progress

Nobscot FirstDays Highlights

  • Get continuous feedback about employees’ new hire experience so you can make timely changes to improve the onboarding process.
  • Identify the causes of “quick quits” – new hires that leave within the first 90 days.
  • Measure quality of hire and identify weaknesses in training and recruiting processes

FirstDays online new hire/quality of hire surveys measure the new hire experience in areas ranging from the recruitment process to the work environment, pinpoint the causes of “quick quits” (new hires that leave in the first 90 days), and poll supervisors about the new hire quality. WebExit is an award-winning exit interview system that allows companies to identify their specific reasons for turnover, measure the success of workplace initiatives and generate reports that pinpoint trouble areas within the organization.

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