The Benefits of Onboarding Technology

Our office technology has come a long way over the decades, but one part of the professional environment is often left to stagnate: the onboarding technology. Countless organizations consider themselves forward-thinking, but their onboarding process is still little more than a tour of the office, a walk-through of the computer file structures, and a mountain of paperwork to complete.

So why isn’t every organization taking advantage of the latest and greatest onboarding technology? Why aren’t more offices using onboarding technology to streamline the onboarding process, making it more efficient, consistent, and helpful than ever before? Here are just a few of the many benefits of using onboarding technology and onboarding software to improve your hiring and employee retention, and make for a more effective work environment:

Onboarding technology creates consistent systems

One of the biggest frustrations companies have with outdated onboarding processes is the inconsistencies it can create. Your office might be training people one-on-one, which can mean that the new hires’ success is based entirely on having a competent, thorough trainer. We like to think everyone is “on” all the time, but nobody is 100% perfect, and many gaps in new hire training aren’t discovered until later on, causing frustration for all involved.

But with onboarding technology software, the whole process is made consistent, reliable, and dependable. New hires can engage with modules built specifically for your organization, ensuring that every important point is not only covered, but ingrained. It allows the new hires to grapple with tons of new information at their own pace, reviewing and repeating lessons as they find necessary. And if you find that your onboarding process is missing a core piece of information, you can update it directly, rather than worrying about disseminating it to every trainer, who then has to be trusted to remember to integrate it.

Develop a more efficient onboarding process

Every smart organization knows that it’s significantly more cost-effective to retain existing talent than it is to hire new employees, and a large part of this is due to the time, money, and resources devoted to the onboarding process. A new hire is starting from scratch, and getting them up to speed means allocating manager time to training the new hire, spending money paying the new hire to take the time to learn, and budgeting for the new hire in that role to be less productive than they will be once fully acclimated.

So if you could implement onboarding technology that makes the onboarding process as efficient as possible, why wouldn’t you? Great onboarding software frees up time for managers and trainers to attend to more pressing work, allows for a predictable, time- and cost-effective onboarding schedule, and ensures that new hires can hit the ground running with the knowledge that they’ve been fully and effectively trained.

Build employee retention with onboarding software

Up-to-date onboarding software doesn’t only help relieve the stress of hiring on the front end, it also helps relieve that stress on the back end by encouraging employee retention. Onboarding modules and tasks can help build cultural awareness and foster interpersonal connections between a new hire and their management and teammates by facilitating introductions and encouraging new employees to get to know who they’re working with. Building more meaningful relationships from the beginning creates a stronger integration and reduces the likelihood of a new hire leaving the company prematurely.

But onboarding tech can benefit existing employees too, not just new hires. The same software that trains a new worker can also be set up to train any worker on new skills, offer new experiences at key points in their professional development, and help them grow so they’re set up on a path towards future advancement opportunities. By offering career development every step of the way, you’re molding employees into skilled workers that will stick with your organization in the long term, rather than leave at a moment’s notice.

RedCarpet onboarding technology sets your team up for success

SilkRoad Technology enables people to thrive in a changing workplace, and SilkRoad’s RedCarpet onboarding technology is an industry leader in engaging, training, and developing new hires and existing employees to ensure that your organization is running as efficiently and productively as possible every single day.

To learn more about our talent management software and see how RedCarpet onboarding technology can help you hire, train, and retain the top talent in your industry, contact SilkRoad Technology today.