Why Your Organization Needs Onboarding Technology

When you think of onboarding, what pops into your head? The excitement of starting a new job, meeting new people, and continuing your career, but also the tedium of endless paperwork, menial training tasks, and listening to someone blather on and on while trying to pull the most important nuggets of information you need to retain.

So as an employer, why wouldn’t you want to update the onboarding process into something that matches the excitement a new hire feels walking through those front doors on their first day? Onboarding technology allows organizations to create an onboarding process that’s consistent, efficient, and actively works to create happy long-term employees rather than just “getting the busy work out of the way.”

Onboarding tech can create so many fantastic opportunities for organizational growth, so here are just a couple that can help make your hiring and training process as effective as it can be so your organization and your employees reap the benefits:

Create a consistent onboarding process

There’s an old adage that’s broadly used across a plethora of industries, from coding to data to art and design: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Basically, if your inputs into a system or process are flawed, then the outputs will invariably reflect those flaws to some degree, and the same is true with onboarding.

Now, of course nobody is saying that our employees are garbage–we wouldn’t have them on the team if they were! But the simple truth is, every single one of us is human, which means we all have our eccentricities, biases, and inconsistencies. So if your onboarding process consists of a new hire shadowing a single employee or sitting down with one manager, there will inevitably be gaps, oddities, and inconsistencies in the training, no matter how good the trainer (and the new hire!) are.

One of the biggest benefits of onboarding technology is that the entire process can be made as consistent as possible across the board. You build modules for your organization that cover every single important point and give new hires the chance to practice and learn at their own pace so they retain all the info you need them to know. And if you find something’s missing? You can add it in easily, rather than having to make sure all the new info trickles down to your training staff.

Onboard new talent with greater efficiency

Onboarding technology also supports your business by making the process more efficient than it’s ever been before. With great onboarding tech, new hires learn material faster and the organization pays fewer payroll hours for otherwise-productive employees to spend training and babysitting while new employees get themselves up to speed.

Rather than spending all this money with one-on-one training that goes on forever, invest in technology that allows your new hires to get comfortable in their roles more quickly, and with fewer mistakes down the line. And pay your existing employees to do the work they were hired to do–and do best–which is work in their role to benefit your business.

Cutting-edge onboarding technology allows for an onboarding process that’s not just effective, but both time- and cost-efficient. It gives your company a training process that offers predictable results in far less time than traditional onboarding may take, and ensures that everyone can hit the ground running when brought into an organization.

Retain your best employees

When people think of onboarding, they think of the front-end hiring process–but great onboarding doesn’t end once someone signs all their paperwork. Smart organizations are supporting their employees’ training and development throughout their careers, setting them up to move up the ladder and into positions of greater responsibility that encourage a long-term tenure.

With onboarding software and technology, you can make this career development far more systematic than ever before. Not only can you set up important check-in dates throughout the initial hiring and training process, but you can build modules that help foster cultural sensitivity and create opportunities for coworkers and management to get to know who they’re working with.

And as a new hire progresses into a reliable worker, onboarding tech lets you set dates down the line to celebrate anniversaries, emphasize networking opportunities, and encourage professional growth. All of this means happier employees that feel better-integrated, more satisfied, and far less likely to leave–which means greater retention rates for you and less money spent replacing those who move on.

RedCarpet onboarding technology sets your team up for success

SilkRoad Technology enables people to thrive in a changing workplace, and SilkRoad’s RedCarpet onboarding technology is an industry leader in engaging, training, and developing new hires and existing employees to ensure that your organization is running as efficiently and productively as possible every single day.

To learn more about our talent management software and see how RedCarpet onboarding technology can help you hire, train, and retain the top talent in your industry, contact SilkRoad Technology today.