Employee Offboarding Solutions

Deliver empathic and secure offboarding or furlough experiences with SilkRoad Offboarding solutions

Handle Employee Offboarding Efficiently, Consistently and Professionally

SilkRoad Offboarding helps companies of all sizes and complexities deliver an intentionally designed experience to preserve brand reputation, intellectual property and a supportive transition for exiting employees. We deliver a streamlined, innovative, digital solution that coordinates the cross-functional needs of the business for both offboarding and furloughs.

  • Provide a supportive transition to employees
  • Retain critical knowledge and operational capacity
  • Mitigate risk and preserve business continuity

SilkRoad Technology’s Offboarding solution enables organizations to navigate changing organizational, environmental and transformative changes with agility to enable businesses to thrive in a changing workplace.

Our solution provides the foundation to offboard employees consistently at scale to improve productivity and strengthen your employer brand. We’ll help you design tailored employee experiences that help you navigate departures with empathy while protecting the organization, its assets and customers.

Inform and review critical information

In any separation it is critical to deliver, review and receive financials, health insurance, physical and intellectual property and NDA or non-compete agreements. Providing continued access to this information and reduces anxiety, stress and miscommunication for all parties.


Retain critical knowledge of clients, company and industry

Facilitate the transfer of client relationships, intellectual property and projects to the right stakeholders to maintain productivity, competitive advantage and customer service levels.

An incomplete offboarding experience misses crucial details and connection points that can result in harmful gaps. Projects or deliverables lag or drop. Relationships become strained. Competitive secrets or capabilities are shared. A proper facilitation of knowledge transfer ensures protection against theft, lost customers and missed opportunities for growth and revenue acceleration.


Manage risk, protect business continuity

An automated and structured offboarding process reduces the risk and cost of lawsuits and the loss of private company information or physical property.

A comprehensive, scalable offboarding solution reduces administrative costs and burden, the propensity for errors or forgotten details and preserves the organization’s reputation, operational capacity and competitive ability.

Similar to the new hire onboarding experience, a mature offboarding strategy is illustrative of the brand’s culture and values. As such, an offboarding solution should be intentionally designed and delivered in a measured way leading up to an employee’s last day and beyond.

Although an employee may be leaving to pursue other opportunities or you have to temporarily pause employment, they can still continue to serve as an advocate for your brand and refer others to your organization. A complete and respectful exit keeps the door open for future opportunities and potential rehires.

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