Workforce Agility Planning

Achieve operational business resiliency with workforce agility planning

Business disruption can appear in any form at any time. Organizations with operational agility to quickly and accurately adjust to changing business environments will outperform the market over the next decade.

SilkRoad Technology helps companies of all sizes and complexities plan for unplanned events with consulting and technology that is scalable, secure and is flexible and extensible to adapt to each organization’s needs.

  • Inform employees of changing business needs, conditions and work arrangements
  • Equip employees with tools, equipment, resources and system access
  • Deploy employees with the right skills to the right place at the right time
  • Align employees to business needs and expectations
  • Drive ongoing employee engagement despite organizational change

Our solution enables HR leaders to incorporate workforce and business continuity plans within their current talent strategy to prepare for emergencies, natural disasters or any existential crisis. We’ll help you create a foundation that affords the flexibility to rapidly adjust to changing business and employee needs with agility at scale to endure both planned and unplanned events.

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There’s powerful evidence that part of what makes agile companies special is their ability to balance fast action and rapid change, on the one hand, with organizational clarity, stability and structure on the other.

SilkRoad’s Workforce Agility Planning® solution analyzes current business continuity plans for talent and delivers an executable plan, content and workflows to address provisioning, security, privacy, communication and transfer of work to maintain critical business operations and productivity amid disruption, while preserving data integrity and security and improving response times to unplanned events.

Our technology enables customizable workflows, designed to your business specifications, to implement immediate business changes, such as transitioning people to working remotely, and adapt to changing business requirements or dynamic travel policies. These intentionally designed experiences preserve operational capacity, reduce risks, drive engagement and maintain organizational performance.

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