Rehiring Former Employees

Transform the alumni employee experience with alumni relationship management

Drive engagement throughout the entire employee lifecycle and beyond with targeted experiences for alumni.

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“It costs half as much to rehire an ex-employee as it does to hire a brand-new person. Rehires are 40% more productive in their first quarter of work.”
Harvard Business Review

Whether you’re seeking to foster relationships with seasonal, intern or former employees, alumni relationship management is crucial to preserving your employer brand reputation, revenue performance and talent ecosystem. Your alumni program should seek to continually attract, connect and align alumni to your organization, its mission and opportunities. Rehiring former employees enables the organization to reduce time and cost to hire, mitigates risk as alumni are known entities and realize a faster time to productivity than new hires.

SilkRoad Technology helps organizations continuously attract, connect, and align alumni to your organization, mission, and opportunities. We’ll help you seamlessly rehire and onboard alumni with contextual, relevant experiences for different alumni populations – seasonal, interns or former employees.

  • Maximize alumni as part of your sourcing strategy
  • Cultivate alumni as future customers or clients
  • Holistically inform your employer value proposition, preserving employer brand reputation
  • Streamline rehire and onboarding experiences
  • Optimize workforce to adapt to changing business needs with agility and precision

SilkRoad’s RedCarpet Onboarding solution enables organizations to facilitate offboarding, rehire and onboarding experiences for alumni populations. It allows you to deliver a contextual and personalized experience that provides pertinent content, connections and development opportunities that speeds time to productivity and contribution. Boomerang employees provide a competitive advantage while preserving your intellectual property.

RedCarpet Onboarding also enables you to adapt to changing business and environmental needs by tapping your alumni network through intentional, strategic outreach. Our solutions allow you to continually communicate and engage with alumni populations about news, benefits, career and development opportunities, alumni referral programs, product and service discounts, and virtual or in-person events.

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