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Onboarding for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Intentionally designed onboarding and offboarding experiences for mergers & acquisitions

Whether a merger or acquisition is structured to add complementary products or services, achieve economies of scale, reduce costs, acquire critical talent and skills, or expand geographical coverage, an intentional approach to communication, transparency and alignment is central to the transaction’s success. It begins with onboarding.

Onboard & Enculturate

Address all administrative and compliance tasks associated with a high volume of employees in a short timeframe. Communicate the organization’s benefits, mission and vision. Reduce friction, stress and productivity losses due with clarity, communication and enablement. Confirm roles, reporting alignment and connect new employees to buddies or mentors.

Align & Integrate

Enable managers and leaders to have in-placement conversations, reset goals and expectations to organizational and transaction goals, conduct integration town hall discussions and leadership roundtables to sustain engagement and alignment to drive deal success.

Offboard & Support

Invariably, a percentage of employees need to be offboarded as part of a merger or acquisition transaction. With SilkRoad, organizations can facilitate knowledge transfer, secure company-owned assets and systems while preserving their employer brand. Invite them to join your alumni network to stay in touch with the company and apply for future openings.

A large healthcare organization with over 100,000 employees leveraged SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding to onboard thousands of employees across 75 local and regional hospitals while improving day one productivity to 90%.

SilkRoad Technology helps organizations navigate changing organizational, environmental and transformative changes with agility to enable them to thrive in a changing workplace. SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding delivers a tailored employee experience that drives transparency, continuity and alignment through mergers and acquisitions to drive return on investment (ROI), retention of critical talent and preservation of employer brand.

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