Onboarding Contingent Workers

Speed time to productivity and contribution

Whether you need to onboard surge hires to meet business demand, volunteers, students, interns or gig workers to fulfill projects, it is critical the contingent worker onboarding process quickly acculturates and aligns employees to the organization, its people and its goals. It should seek to deliver a personalized experience for each respective employee type and the role they will play to maximize their impact, productivity and contribution.

SilkRoad Technology helps companies of all sizes, complexities and employee populations effectively onboard critical talent to productivity while contextualizing their role and its impact on the organization and providing an understanding of how work gets accomplished.

  • Deliver pertinent information to the right people at the right time
  • Equip contingent workers with the appropriate tools, equipment, resources and system access
  • Automate badging and other provisioning requirements
  • Speed time to productivity by ensuring workers are able to contribute on day one
  • Align temporary workers to team, departmental or organizational goals and desired outcomes
Onboarded employees

SilkRoad Technology’s Contingent Worker Onboarding Process

SilkRoad’s RedCarpet Onboarding solution enables organizations to streamline the contingent worker onboarding, offboarding and rehire experiences.It facilitates the cross-functional needs of the organization from an HR, provisioning and security perspective to deliver a seamless onboarding experience for contingent workers entering, re-entering or exiting the organization.

Our solutions ensure that all necessary elements of the employee experience for a variety of employee types is delivered in an effective, secure and compliant experience. It allows you to provision and ensure the return of company owned assets and data to preserve operational integrity. RedCarpet Onboarding also enables you to continue engagement with alumni programs to expand your talent pools for future jobs as well. Manage risks, ensure business continuity and competitive capability, and facilitate all life cycle events for all employee types.

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