Facilitating a Leave of Absence with Care

Support employees through significant and potentially uncertain transitions

Employees may take a leave of absence for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s something they’ve planned for, other times it’s unexpected but necessary.

Every organization – especially in today’s environment, needs a structured plan to facilitate a voluntary leave of absence in order to maintain resiliency within their organization. These plans should facilitate these leaves with care, identify and enact contingency plans to maintain business continuity and manage the transition of work effectively.

Ensure smooth transitions & encourage retention

Provide a smooth transition by preparing employees for their leave with relevant information in the days leading up to their temporary leave of absence. Ensure contact information is up to date, go over benefits entitlements and facilitate policy acknowledgements.

Offboard departing employees for leave

Revoke system access and collect company owned assets, if necessary, to protect company data and obtain a summary of their work in progress. Transition work to the right person or individuals to maintain performance, client relationships and continuity. Provide company updates as necessary during their time away to maintain their connection to the organization.

Re-onboard employees returning from leave

Reacclimate employees as they return to the organization. Update them of changing business needs and goals. Provision equipment and system access. Connect them to important stakeholders. Set or reaffirm goals and expectations. Deliver relevant training for anything that is nor or has changed since their departure.

According to the Center for American Progress, “Nine out of 10 employers reported that paid family leave had a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity, performance and profitability”.

SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding delivers a streamlined, innovative, digital solution that coordinates the cross-functional needs of the business for a variety of employee lifecycle events such as a leave of absence or a family medical leave and employees’ return to normal business operations.

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