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RedCarpet Onboarding Software

Win the war for talent with award-winning SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding™

Optimize the employee experience from the offer process through every phase of the employee lifecycle.

SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding helps companies of all sizes and complexities attract, retain and grow critical talent in a hyper-competitive market. We create streamlined, innovative, digital solutions that engage, align and empower employees to be successful today and in the future with experiences for every inflection point in the employee journey, including transfers or promotions, leaves of absence, mergers & acquisitions, offboarding and rehired employees.

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One in four CFOs state that unwanted turnover accounts for 25% to 50% of labor costs. One in 10 says that it eats up more than 50% of labor costs.
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SilkRoad Technology solutions provide the foundation to improve talent and business performance. We’ll help you design tailored employee experiences and strengthen the connection to organizational strategy. SilkRoad empowers clients to provide clarity, alignment and enablement to employees, accelerating revenue and effectively managing costs and risks in the midst of workforce transformation.

Texting and conversation UI elements

Reach, engage, convert and retain new hires with texting

SilkRoad’s texting capabilities allow new hires to receive notifications for critical tasks such as offer letters, direct deposit and compliance training. Upon offer acceptance, SilkRoad Onboarding users can continue to engage new hires to welcome them to the organization, answer questions and support them through their first year of firsts with person-to-person communication.

Prepare, orient and integrate to excel

Set expectations and provide learning early to make a strong connection between their day-to-day activities and organizational strategy. Understanding individual contribution enables employees to thrive.

Continuously prepare employees for their next role

Give employees a compelling reason to stay with opportunities to develop new skills. Provide coaching conversations and multi-source feedback.

Land High Caliber Talent

SilkRoad Offers is a branded solution designed for organizations that need to manage and simplify complex offer and signature processes and approval workflows.

First Time Manager, Transfers and Other Role Changes

Whether employees are promoted as a part of a succession plan or the creation of a new role, organizations that deliver intentional content, learning and check-ins drastically improve the chances of success for employees in transition. Strategic onboarding guides employees through their role transition with tasks and activities such as integrated learning, alignment with a new mentor or buddy and performance expectation setting, accelerating contribution and effectiveness.

Policy Acknowledgment

Ensure compliance and efficiency by delivering required policies to employees for their review, achieving a single point of signature. For organizations that require an annual signature on certain policies, RedCarpet Onboarding delivers annual policies for acknowledgment on a yearly cadence while providing organizational insight into compliance through reporting.

Support Employees Through Significant and Potentially Uncertain Transitions

Employees require both offboarding ahead of their departure and onboarding when they return. A carefully designed and executed experience creates a smooth transition, encourages retention and ensures productivity.

Employees need to transfer their work prior to their departure. Knowledge transfer to employees taking on additional roles or responsibilities is crucial to maintaining continuity, productivity and the achievement of goals. Departing employees feel that the organization understands their situation and is eager for their return.

Employees need to be re-onboarded to ensure they have the knowledge, context and support they need for a successful transition back into the workforce. Returning employees notify the team of their return date, check-in with their manager, meet up with the team to understand outstanding projects, learn about changes in strategy or direction and complete knowledge transfer for past activities and future needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

RedCarpet Onboarding delivers tailored experiences for a range of events within the employee lifecycle. Manage merger and acquisition events where acquired talent needs to understand the new company’s culture and strategy.

SilkRoad for M&A provides a positive and seamless workforce readiness and transformation solution using long-term strategic onboarding as the engine of change management. It follows employees through the acquisition process, creates personalized experiences that retain people, reduces risk and increases the success of an M&A transaction.

Mitigate Corporate Risk When Offboarding Employees and Contingent Workers

The RedCarpet offboarding experience is a systematic way to protect your brand, reputation and business continuity. Doing so ensures the organization does not lose its reputation or ability to compete. Obtain key insights from departing employees and contingent workers through exit interviews or surveys. Secure business information, data and equipment.

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