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Performance Management Software

SilkRoad Performance drives employee performance with communication, collaboration and visibility into individual and business goals

Early and frequent conversations about goals, expectations and feedback are critical for setting employees up for success. Avoid quick quits and disengagement within your tenured workforce with reinforcing conversations about performance.

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The future of performance management is more data-driven, more flexible, more continuous and more development-oriented.
Performance Management's Digital Shift, MITSloan Management Review 2019

Whether you are looking to change or simplify your performance strategies, SilkRoad Performance provides an easy and accessible experience that fits the needs of a modern workforce. SilkRoad Performance is a comprehensive platform that accommodates multiple performance methodologies.

Engage employees at every inflection point with feedback and goal setting

Engaged employees feel heard, valued and that they have a future at the organization. They are likely to be more connected to the organization, its culture and its goals. They are also more likely to go above and beyond to drive revenue, create better customer experiences and find new ways to innovate or contribute, improving business performance.

Retaining talent is critical to success in today's talent economy

SilkRoad Performance includes flexible tools that identify opportunities for development and succession planning to give employees a compelling reason to stay.


Check-ins provide a quick and easy way for employees to document informal meetings with managers while also allowing them both to record quick notes about the outcomes.


Facilitate feedback from peers, managers or anyone in the company to provide employees with a broad perspective on their performance in a timely and engaging way.

Goals & Expectations

Adjust goals and expectations as business needs and team priorities shift, enabling the organization to increase employee engagement, productivity and alignment. Employees have a clear understanding of how their day-to-day activities map to the organization’s strategy and business objectives.


Uncover learning and coaching opportunities to reduce the propensity for undesirable and potentially costly outcomes. Enable managers and ad hoc teams that don’t fit into the traditional review structure to provide evaluations and feedback, especially across project-oriented work. Consistently reinforce performance expectations, alignment to strategy and the achievement of goals.

Succession Planning

Easily identify high-potential employees to fill gaps, create talent pools and 9-Box visualizations to plan for impending organizational fluctuations and change. Flexible data-gathering forms allow you to view data and make informed recommendations based on your unique organizational needs. Identify the risk and impact of talent loss.


Enable administrators to create and launch reviews within minutes, speeding time-to-value and reducing the administrative burden of mass events. Employees are able to access and complete their reviews quickly from any device.

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