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SilkRoad Recruiting

Our recruiting software helps organizations optimize talent by attracting the right caliber of talent to your business. Deliver a scalable, personalized, on-brand solution that drives engagement and retention.

SilkRoad Recruiting helps you streamline your recruiting processes from requisition to job offer, speeding time to hire for right-fit candidates. Alleviate administrative efforts and improve visibility for HR teams and managers. Reach qualified candidates efficiently with SilkRoad’s unparalleled free job distribution network. Deliver a differentiated and custom career portal that educates, engages and empowers candidates to choose your organization.

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Accelerate the offer process, reducing the risk of losing out on the best candidates

Recruiting candidate experience icon

Deliver a better candidate experience and stronger employer brand

Recruiting time to fill icon

Speed time to fill with paperless processes, mobile access and faster offers

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Expand reach to high caliber talent with an unparalleled job distribution network

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SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding™

SilkRoad RedCarpet Onboarding helps companies of all sizes and complexities attract, retain and grow critical talent in a hyper-competitive market.

Our solution enables clients to provide clarity, alignment and enablement to employees, accelerating revenue and effectively managing costs and risks in the midst of workforce transformation. Do more with RedCarpet Onboarding with experiences for promotions, transfers, projects, contingent workers, rehired employees, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and offboarding.


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Deliver a tailored employee experience and stronger employer brand

Onboarding accelerate time to productivity icon

Accelerate time to productivity

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Drive engagement throughout the employee experience

SilkRoad Learning

SilkRoad Learning maximizes your talent investment through tailored learning and development experiences across the entirety of the employee lifecycle.

Our solution transforms the employee experience by aligning learning to organizational strategy and individual development needs. It provides flexibility to enable you to deliver personalized curriculum on any device to drive engagement and retention. SilkRoad Learning is a robust solution that drives compliance across your workforce at scale.

Learning reduce costs icon

Lower costs and
compliance risks

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Continuous development throughout the employee experience

Learning retain talent icon

Give employees a compelling reason to stay

Learning connect people and business strategy icon

Connect people strategy to business strategy

SilkRoad Performance

Empower every employee to be more engaged, aligned and productive.

Go beyond traditional approaches to employee performance management with a more agile and flexible solution. Deliver the real-time, actionable feedback that employees crave. Empower your managers with flexible, easy-to-use tools for check-ins, feedback and goal setting. Deliver a more engaging and productive experience to drive better business outcomes.

Talk bubble icons representing an employee performance checkin

An easy way for employees to document informal meetings with managers which allows both to record notes about the outcomes.


Easily give or receive feedback to achieve real-time perspective on performance.


Goal Setting

Adjust goals and expectations as business needs and team priorities shift.


Enable administrators to create and launch reviews in minutes, speeding time to value and reducing administrative burden.

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