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Robert Dvorak, SilkRoad Technology
Article by: Robert Dvorak

We embrace evolution on multiple levels for our clients and their employees. We know that our clients’ future business success hinges on an ability to grow their organization through attracting and retaining strong employees. The way prospects are attracted to the organization, and employees retained, must continuously evolve to meet ever-changing employee and business needs. We are a catalyst for that evolution.

The way prospects are attracted to the organization, and employees retained, must continuously evolve to meet ever-changing employee and business needs.

Earlier this month, one of the world’s largest manufacturers approached us with an issue they were having in a specific region – they have facilities and employees across the world. They thought the issue was specific to that region and were seeking a solution to fix the problem. We answered their inquiry with questions to identify the cause so we could provide the appropriate response. It became quickly apparent that the issue wasn’t specific to that region; it was a systemic issue brought on by legacy thinking and an adherence to their cultural norms.

Had the conversation gone differently, the manufacturer would have received a band-aid versus the potential cure they will now receive. This is just one example of why I am so excited to unveil our new consultative approach to onboarding.

A new approach

The new suite of comprehensive technology solutions and consulting services is designed to do exactly what we did for that manufacturer – address historic inadequacies in their recruiting, hiring, onboarding, learning, performance and ongoing assessment processes.

We’ve designed a secure, integrated and scalable suite that is then tailored to each organization’s specific business requirements – from start-up firms to global conglomerates – to aid their employees in reaching their full potential at work.

Delivering personalized experiences for employees across the employment lifecycle – as a new hire or a legacy employee ready for a new role – enables measurably better business outcomes via engaged and productive employees. The onboarding experience supports employee development programs with reusable learning plans bolstered by strategic assignments for each employee so we’re able to help our clients reskill or upskill employees to sustain relevancy and retention.

No other company can offer the comprehensive set of solutions or level of consulting. We work with clients to help maximize performance by connecting employees with team and business goals to enable more positive interactions and give employees a better sense of where their work fits into the overarching business strategy. In the end, this leads to employees that feel supported in their role and careers, leading to talent retention and better productivity.

Every step of the way we are there with a dedicated team to support our solutions and deliver better experiences and mitigate risks. We can support your company’s evolution in these ever-changing times.

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