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Previously, they faced challenges with their onboarding processes and their ability to scale experiences for a large number of new hires across many locations every year.

They realized that they needed to automate the new hire process to put downward pressure on waste and time spent on duplicate effort to ultimately create a consistent experience across a diverse and dispersed workforce.

So the business issues that Wood was facing when we chose the SilkRoad onboarding product was countless numbers of paper. Actually, it was eighty three pieces of paper that one new hire would have to go through. The solution that we implemented with SilkRoad onboarding allowed our workers to be billable by noon the first day of work.

They were being hired remotely, sometimes twenty or thirty at a time in a parking lot. So the solution that we put in place took the eighty three forms to seven electronic forms. The feedback is really, really good. It was simple whether they were on boarding from a computer or they were onboarding from an ipad or phone at home. One VP actually onboarded on her phone at an airport before joining our organization.

For a company that’s still out there today drowning in paper SilkRoad onboarding is the premiere tool for you to go purchase and implement for your business. Partner with their creative team that will come in and break down your processes they’re the one that took the eighty three pieces of paper, to seven electronic forms and it took three days. So partner with them and get this implemented today.