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SilkRoad Onboarding Helps Tenet Healthcare

Tenet Healthcare used SilkRoad onboarding to implement new-employee training and improve efficiency through rapid company growth. Read more about how SilkRoad delivered a solution that made the process simpler, smoother, and more effective.


Successfully implemented new-employee training while headcount grew 66%.

  • Costs down $475 per employee, staff time for onboarding cut 75%, paperwork completed 91% faster
  • Single onboarding solution accommodates each facility’s unique branding, content, and policy training
  • First-day productivity up 90%
  • Fast response to rapid demand through SilkRoad administrative service


Improved onboarding efficiency in the midst of rapid growth and change.

  • Reduce complexity and improve efficiency with a new onboarding solution
  • Deploy a solution that can scale and adapt as the company rapidly grows
  • Provide flexibility to support corporate brand while retaining local/regional identity for 75 hospitals
  • Stay responsive to internal customers whose needs frequently change
  • Deliver ROI stated in the business case

Headcount Surges, Onboarding Lags

Dallas, TX-based Tenet Healthcare has grown through mergers and acquisitions. As headcount surged above 100,000, “we were onboarding tens-of-thousands of people in a short period of time,” says Regina Bagwell, Manager, Tenet HR Solutions.

Everyone had to be trained on policies and procedures. There was compliance for federal agencies and 42 different states. “We were trying to manage all that with 19 different processes,” explains Bagwell. It was labor intensive, costly, and it took too long to get employees up to speed.

Bagwell and the HR team determined that a single onboarding solution was needed to help the company:

  • Save time and money
  • Provide flexibility to accommodate 75 individually-branded local and regional hospitals plus other business entities
  • Improve first-day productivity

After comparing options, Tenet chose SilkRoad’s Onboarding because of its power, flexibility, and scalability.

Thank You! More Please.

Rollout began at selected early-adopter sites, and according to Bagwell, people “immediately saw the difference.” Costs went down. Paperwork was done in minutes instead of hours. It was easier to set up portals and administer new-employee training.

All that generated positive buzz, and suddenly “everybody wanted everything right away,” she adds. Seventy-five different portals were needed, each with unique branding, compliance requirements, and new employee training content. And demand wasn’t letting up as the company continued to acquire hospitals, outpatient clinics, and physician groups on a monthly basis.

A Helping Hand

To stay on top of soaring demand, Bagwell turned to SilkRoad’s Dedicated Administrator service. “We instantly gained onboarding expertise and a dedicated resource without adding headcount,” she explains. “That helped us meet goals and stay responsive in the midst of change.”

Business Case Fulfilled

The full project rollout was a success and “ROI matched up perfectly with our business case,” says Bagwell. “We hit every target.”

  • Cost reduction of $475 per employee
  • Staff time reduced 75%
  • New employees’ first day productivity improved 90%
  • Paperwork completion cut from three hours to 15 minutes

“Picking SilkRoad was the easy part,” says Bagwell. “It was clearly the best solution.” The real challenge was implementing the change during a time of rapid growth. “We had some moving targets, but SilkRoad really stepped up to help us handle everything and achieve the ROI.”

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SilkRoad's ROI matched up perfectly with our business case. We hit every target.
Regina Bagwell, Tenet HR Services

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