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NCSOFT believes that success is created by maintaining an environment that is creative, imaginative, and fun. As an organization, NCSOFT seeks to deliver memorable gaming experiences while they strive to grow a world-class organization. They believe that their employees are crucial to delivering on that brand promise. In partnering with SilkRoad, their goal was to engage and welcome new hires into their culture from the start. To accomplish this, they gamified their onboarding process and portal to extend the user experience to the employee experience.

Their onboarding process and portal are full of gaming nomenclature and animation. For instance, the beginning of the new hire journey is titled NC Launch, where Wuju, the onboarding mascot, welcomes new hires and explains their next steps. Over time, new hires are encouraged to check out their Loot, which takes them to their payroll information. They can learn about Our Guild, which provides information about the company’s headquarters in Korea and its history. New hires are also given a branded welcome kit on day one.

NCSOFT also institutionalized 30-60-90 day check-ins between new hires and their managers as part of their onboarding strategy to help give clear expectations and guidelines as they start their career.

As a result of their new branded and cohesive onboarding strategy, new hires were better acclimated to the organization, its goals, and its culture from day one.

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NCSOFT Wins Silver Brandon Hall Award for Onboarding

The Excellence Awards feature annual programs that recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results.

NCSOFT leveraged feedback from their employee engagement survey to identify opportunities to improve their onboarding experience. They created a unified and engaging onboarding experience that accelerated the new hire experience and connected them to the organization’s culture from day one.

Brandon Hall published a case study about NCSOFT’s onboarding program.

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