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SilkRoad Supports Match Marketing’s High Volume Recruiting Needs

I’m Dawn Black. I’m the director of Human Resources at Match Marketing.

The business issues we were facing was everything we were doing was manual. I have a really small recruiting team, but yet we’re doing high volume recruiting. So everything was, in a word document, an Excel spreadsheet. While we had templates in place, recruiters were also adding their own lingo, and not necessarily what I developed.

SilkRoad helped us in lots of ways. I was able to create templates. We created a lot of consistency. I was really able to see what was going on with the recruiters day to day, whether it was a candidate’s status, all sorts of things.

We’ve seen several improvements with business processes. Again, everything is now consistent that’s really important being a marketing company because that’s our brand. I do need to make sure that our staff is representing our brand in the way that we want them to project.

The implementation process I think the part that stood out the most was really having a dedicated SilkRoad representative that really, truly understood the needs of our business. They met with many of our staff members, not just myself, so they really understood what everybody needed.

Before, I really didn’t understand how long it took time to fill a position. Didn’t really understand where we were
receiving their hits from our applications from, and I didn’t know from one recruiter to the next who was more effective than the other. From the day to day aspect, SilkRoad has helped us, especially with metrics they were very diligent about is sticking to our timelines home, it went very well.