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LGFCU saves time and simplifies HR processes with SilkRoad Recruiting, Learning and Performance

My first name is Rebecca Woodward-Holtdorf, so full long name, and I work for a Local Government Federal Credit Union and I’m the human resource manager.

We first started with SilkRoad Recruiting. We started kind of basic with our recruiting needs that we were growing as an organization had a business need to try and streamline and make it more automated. We were sending old school just kind of sending emails going through tons of e mails in the mailbox for each position. Trying to put a category with them is whether they were red or yellow or green, and it was taking quite a bit of time, and certainly the consistency things like that were hard.

We kind of got that first OpenHire SilkRoad recruiting product [then] we moved to some other products. We moved to Wingspan for performance. We have a little bit of a complex performance program as far as rating and things like that. So we went with Wingspan versus Agile for our SilkRoad product. We get extremely good feedback.

The learning piece always gets amazing feedback from the end user, so our employees really enjoy that as well as supervisors. SilkRoad rocks for lack of a better term. You guys are awesome!

For implementation we have enjoyed every bit of it. It’s easy. We have the right contacts. We get the right answers. So implementations are seamless when it comes to the customer service or even the training after we love the community that you guys have set up and the ability for us to go into that SilkRoad community, ask questions put in our ticket, get the answers. I can’t say anything other than SilkRoad is awesome when it comes to from beginning to end rolling out a product.