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SilkRoad Technology’s RedCarpet Onboarding optimizes employee engagement from offer through the entire employee experience.

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The Strategic Onboarding Journey

01 Preboarding
01 05
Preboarding accelerates time to value

Deliver a tailored experience to employees based on their role, location and department prior to day one. Enable employees to complete necessary tasks before they start so they can spend their first days contributing.

01 05
New hire receives call from manager
Manager welcome call
02 05
Accessing new hire portal
Access new joiner portal
03 05
Complete online forms
Complete W-4, I-9 and forms
04 05
Tell us about you
Tell us about you
05 05
02 Onboarding
02 05
Prepare new hires to maximize productivity

Orient and introduce new hires to your organizational culture, goals and strategy. Connect new hires to buddies, mentors or peer groups, enabling them to feel comfortable in their role and the organization.

Greet New Hire Buddy
Buddy greets on day 1
01 07
Workspace and tools ready
02 07
Stakeholder discussion
Stakeholder & culture discussions
03 07
Recent new hire panel
04 07
2 coworkers
Complete shadow assignment
05 07
New hire survey
06 07
Employee Resource Group
Participate in ERG event
07 07
03 First 90 days
03 05
Maintain momentum over the first 90 days and beyond

Set goals and expectations with early and frequent feedback to drive engagement, productivity and alignment. Continue to deliver tailored and ongoing training and development specific to their role and department.

Performance pulse checks
01 04
Stakeholder meet & greets
02 04
Leadership round table
03 04
Continued learning
04 04
04 First Year
04 05
Drive business goals during first year

Leverage insights, sentiment and feedback to address skills gaps to ensure the achievement of goals. Explore opportunities to discuss continued development and career mapping. Make connections with relevant stakeholders in the organization.

New Employees
6 month new hire summit
01 05
Performance review
Performance feedback
02 05
Group of volunteers
Service event
03 05
Notes on a wall
Goal setting
04 05
Coworkers celebrating
First year celebration
05 05
05 Always Onboarding
05 05
Go beyond new hire onboarding

Engage employees at inflection points such as promotions, transfers, M&A events and offboarding. Address risk and uncertainty with communication, avoid costs associated with losses in productivity and drive revenue performance with continuity.

Starting a new project
A new project
01 04
Starting a new role
A new role
02 04
FMLA Onboarding & Offboarding
FMLA offboard/onboard
03 04
High Five
Promotions, M&A events, etc.
04 04
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Why SilkRoad Technology?

SilkRoad Technology invented employee onboarding with our award-winning RedCarpet Onboarding™ solution.

25M onboarding experiences every year
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